Speaker: Dr Liz Bridge
Affiliation: Quantum Brilliance


Quantum Brilliance is a Australian-German start-up developing room-temperature quantum accelerators based on NV centres in synthetic diamond. When most people think of quantum computers they envision large complex devices housed in a high performance computing centre or other designated facility. Quantum Brilliance are developing a pathway to lunchbox-sized quantum computers to enable distributed and edge quantum computing, opening up the possibility of a range of new application opportunities in robotics, medical science, logistics and more... Liz Bridge has a background in quantum physics, with a PhD in atomic and laser physics, followed by multiple years of research positions in areas ranging from BECs, Rydberg physics, ion trapping and quantum sensing. Her passion for quantum technology led her to join Quantum Brilliance 2 years ago, where she first worked as a technical talent partner, helping to find and hire the right people to join the growing company, and more recently has become the technical support officer to the CTO. In this talk Liz will speak about the technology Quantum Brilliance is developing and discuss her experience transitioning from a career in academia to a deep tech startup.

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Parnell Building (07)
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