Speaker: Loh Huanqian, Assistant Professor
Affiliation: National University of Singapore, Centre for Quantum Technologies


Scalable and programmable neutral atom arrays are a promising platform for quantum simulation and quantum information processing. In this talk, we report on recent work to advance neutral atom arrays on two fronts: scaling up the array size and programming Floquet-tailored Rydberg interactions. First, we demonstrate the realization of large defect-free arrays containing more than two hundred singly-trapped atoms using efficient atom-sorting algorithms. Second, we use Floquet frequency modulation to achieve Rydberg-blockade entanglement beyond the blockade radius, thereby increasing the entanglement range in neutral atom quantum processors. Further, we find that the Floquet frequency modulation protects the entangled state coherence and enables new pathways to realizing strongly-interacting states. Our Floquet work redefines the ability to access the paradigmatic regimes of Rydberg blockade versus anti-blockade and opens the door to realizing more connected, coherent, and versatile neutral atom processors with a single approach.

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