Speaker: Professor Emmanuel Lettellier 
Affiliation: Universite Denis-Diderot (Paris 7)


The Deligne-Simpson problem is the following one: for which triple (C_1,C_2,C_3) of GL(n)-conjugacy classes of matrices does the equation

X_1+X_2+X_3=0 with X_i a matrix in C_i for i=1,2,3

have a solution ?

This problem was motivated by the analytic theory of linear systems of differential equations defined on the Riemann sphere. V. Kostov brought partial solutions to this problem around the end of the last century. Later, about 20 years ago Crawley-Boevey brought a beautiful answer to this problem in terms of "root systems" of star-shaped graphs. In this talk I will explain Crawley-Boevey's work and mention some recent applications in representation theory.


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