Speaker: Dr Evan Shellshear


In this talk, Evan Shellshear will talk about his journey from studying pure mathematics at UQ to doing a PhD in Germany and then his experiences in applying his studies to his career. It will begin in Sweden and pass through Australia to Saudi Arabia where he currently spends a good portion of his time. He will discuss the benefits and limitations of applications of STEM disciplines to industry problems, especially mathematical sciences.


Dr Evan Shellshear is the Managing Director and Group CEO of Ubidy, an innovative global recruitment marketplace connecting employers to specialist agencies, and an expert in artificial intelligence with a Ph.D. in Game Theory from the Nobel Prize winning University of Bielefeld in Germany. He has almost two decades of international experience in the development and design of AI tools for a variety of industries having worked with the world's top companies on all aspects of advanced analytical solutions from optimisation to machine learning in applications from HR to oil and gas, and robotics to supply chain. He is also the author of the Amazon best seller, Innovation Tools.

About Industry seminar series

The industry seminar series aims to better connect industry and academia by providing a forum for speakers from industry to present challenges and opportunities  in industry, and their insights.

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Physics Annexe (06)
Room: 407