Speaker: David Issacs
Affiliation: Synestia Analytics


Too often great quality technical work is undone by poor communication.  It can be extremely challenging explaining complex technical thinking to an audience without the same technical background as we have.  But most of the time, this is also unnecessary.

(Not) Communicating Analytics turns this idea around.  Instead of explaining complexity to a non-technical audience, (Not) Communicating Analytics looks at techniques to enable us to deliver the crux of our message in a way that is both relevant to the audience and easy to consume.


David Isaacs founded Synestia Analytics, a boutique Analytics Strategy and Design business, in 2020.  He has more than 25 years experience working with data, insights, analysis and execution.  Over that period, he has seen that the value being realised from great technical work is amplified by a range of skills outside the pure technical field.

Dave has a strong passion for supporting the development of emerging leaders in technical fields and believes that the next generation of senior executives in many industries will need fluency in data and analytics.  Prior to Synestia, Dave spent 16 years at Quantium where he founded Quantium’s Brisbane Office and led numerous teams.  Dave started his career at Trowbridge Deloitte after graduating from The Australian National University with First Class Honours in Pure Mathematics.  Dave is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia and is based in Brisbane.

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