Speaker: Toni Peggrem
Affiliation: QLD AI Hub


Are you interested in the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in Queensland? Look no further. Join us for an exclusive one-hour talk where Toni will dive deep into the core objectives, achievements, and the unparalleled support that the Queensland AI Hub provides to foster a thriving AI landscape. Gain firsthand insights into what it takes to unite innovators, researchers, and businesses under one roof.

What We Do:

The Queensland AI Hub acts as a catalyst, connecting the diverse AI community—from startups and tech experts to government agencies and research institutions. We're all about accelerating the adoption of AI and machine learning (ML), enhancing productivity, and supporting job creation and economic growth. With an array of programs tailored to various needs, the hub serves as the ultimate platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Our Programs:

Whether you're a founder looking to scale or a researcher eyeing commercialisation, our programs offer something for everyone. From intensive workshops and innovation challenges to knowledge-sharing webinars, we equip participants with the necessary tools to succeed. Our focus is not just on tech but also on the ethical and social dimensions of AI, ensuring that the technology serves the greater good.

Supporting Local Businesses:

Local businesses are the backbone of any economy, and AI is no exception. Through targeted promotion and dedicated support mechanisms, the Queensland AI Hub plays an active role in elevating homegrown talent. We provide the visibility, resources, and network to help Queensland-based businesses thrive on a global stage.

Join us for this eye-opening session and become a part of the future we're building together.


Toni Peggrem is the Executive Manager of the Queensland AI Hub. Toni has been supporting the growth of the Queensland AI Hub and the AI community for the past year and has over 30 years’ experience in strategic planning and successfully leading organisational reform programs that have enabled services to navigate complex operating environments and realize improved performance outcomes. Toni brings her executive management and staff mentoring skills to the Queensland AI Hub and is able to build strong collaborative relationships across organisational boundaries with stakeholders of all levels within an organisation as well as the wider community. Toni is committed to evidence-based policy development that leads to digitally enabled evidence-based practice with continuous improvement.

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