Speaker: Ryan Lim and Ryan Starkey
Affiliation: Quantium


Quantium was founded in 2002 and is a globally recognised leader in the use of data to drive better decision-making. Over 20 years of operation, we have helped many of Australia’s largest organisations to realise the value of data for their businesses by leveraging Quantium’s data science skills, software development capabilities and the unique insights available through Quantium’s data partnerships. Quantium hires over 1,000 professionals globally, including data scientists and analysts, actuaries, strategy experts, solution architects, engineers, product managers and consultants.

Ryan Lim and Ryan Starkey will jointly present “Analytics at Quantium: Promotional planning in supermarkets and general insurance pricing in Australia”.  

Thousands of promotions are run in supermarkets each week and represent a significant investment from retailers and suppliers. Planning these promotions can be a highly manual, time-consuming task with a huge number of possibilities to consider in order to create optimal promotional plans. This presents a big size of prize available for automating and optimising the analytics smarts used to identify new opportunities. This talk discusses how analytics can be used to optimise promotional plans, as well as the importance of considering commercial context and use case to drive value when delivering analytics at scale.

General insurance provides peace of mind for millions of individuals and business across Australia to protect them from unexpected events that often cause significant financial harm. Understanding and adequately pricing insurance risks in a changing world requires robust models and approaches, and simultaneously there is an increasing need for better governance and transparency on how insurers price policies. This presentation provides an overview of general insurance pricing, including actuarial pricing techniques, case studies and contemporary issues.


Ryan Lim is an Analytics Lead at Quantium with over 9 years’ experience working across several industries including insurance, banking and retail. Across this time, he has led the delivery of data science projects focusing on customer analytics and segmentations, data management, forecasting and predictive modelling.

Ryan Starkey is a Lead Consultant in Quantium’s insurance consulting practice. Ryan has over 5 years’ general insurance experience, focusing on insurance pricing, which includes providing pricing recommendations, developing insurance pricing algorithms, assessing premium impacts, technical cost modelling and training actuarial teams. 

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