Speaker/s: Margaret Wegener & Tim McIntyre
Affiliation: School of Mathematics and Physics, UQ


Being fully immersed in a 3-dimensional, real-time interactive simulation offers new opportunities for learning. It can provide otherwise-impossible experiences related to abstract concepts. For example, students can “see” invisible magnetic field lines overlaid on a virtual world, or they can explore projectile motion by attempting to throw a basketball through a hoop while switching between variations of laws of physics.

We are implementing and evaluating learning activities centred on immersive virtual realities in multiple physics courses, taken by a range of students. Our setup uses the accessible VR headset-and-controller system of Meta, and physics VR scenarios originated by John Debs [ANU]. Student learning, and the student experience (including comparison with 2-D interactive simulations on computer screens), are being evaluated via concept testing, surveys, and observations of students, as well as reflections of staff. Results of our first implementation will be discussed.

At the seminar you’ll have the opportunity to experience this VR for yourself.

This project is supported by funding through Teaching and Learning Grants from the Faculty of Science and the School of Mathematics and Physics.

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