Speaker: Brent Richards  
Affiliation: Gold Coast HHS/QLD AI Hub


Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing many aspects of business and personal life, and Generative AI particularly has bought this further in to focus. Although much of the attention and research endeavours has been on the cutting edge of big scale transformation, in the background many straight forward productivity tools have emerged to help industry with relatively mundane and repetitive tasks, with Government increasingly focussed on helping businesses to adopt AI in their day-to-day operations. These AI tools can easily be turned to markedly improve research workflow, with the potential to both improve the quality and efficiency of the research lifecycle, leaving the researcher with more time to concentrate on the performance of the research. I’ll cover a number of already available tools and techniques, both within research workflow and more broadly, that you can apply both immediately and also as opinion leaders in the workplace.  


Adjunct Professor Brent Richards is an Intensive Care Specialist, Medical Director of Research Commercialisation and Professor of Critical Care Research at Gold Coast HHS, and member of the advisory board the Queensland AI Hub.

He was previously also director of ICU for 15 years, executive director of Surgery, chair of the state Intensive Care network, and Medical Director of Innovation.

He is working on ways to expand, understand and interrogate the growing static and streaming Healthcare data for continuously growing clinical understanding, business KPIs and research discovery.

He is particularly working to unlock the rapidly growing positive disruptive potential that AI tools can bring to business and research generally, and Healthcare specifically, continuously improving patient, clinician and system outcomes.

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