Speaker: Associate Professor Erik Streed
Affiliation: Griffith University


Gather round to hear the tale of how a centuries old technology was repurposed with modern microfabrication to solve a pressing optics problem in quantum computing and resulted in answering a question few dared consider asking: What's the smallest thing that we can see has a shadow? Learn how sub-wavelength resolution imaging with microfabricated optics is being applied to measure zepto-Newton scale forces, foster the develop fast quantum gates using picosecond optical pulses, and work towards developing long-range terrestrial quantum networking. 

Erik Streed is Deputy Director of the Centre for Quantum Dynamics and an Associate Professor of Physics at Griffith University. A reformed MIT Rubidium Bose-Einstein condenser, he currently traps Ytterbium and bioparticle ions in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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