Speaker: Professor Robert Casson, University of Adelaide

Title: The eye as a target for photonic technology

Brief Bio: Professor Casson is the Head of the Discipline of Ophthalmology and Visual Science at Adelaide University. He is an ophthalmic clinician/scientist with special interests in glaucoma, neuroprotection, retina-laser interactions, ophthalmic epidemiology and translational ophthalmic research. He is a Vice-Chair & Chief Scientific Advisor to the evidence-based NGO, Sight for All. He aims to foster interdisciplinary solutions to eye-related problems.

Abstract: Photonic diagnostic and management tools revolutionised the practice of ophthalmology in the late 20th century and there is continuing exciting potential to bring light-based solutions to eye-related problems. In this talk, I discuss the relevant biology, current applications of photonics in ophthalmology, future directions, and scope for interdisciplinary collaboration.

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