This Friday, 7th September, The UQ Physics Colloquium is hosting Dr Itia Favre-Bulle from the University of Queensland. She will talk about her work on optical micromanipulation on zebra fish and capturing the brain image to study the information processing done by this animal. The talk will be given at 11am at Prentice (42) Rm 115. Everyone is welcome to join.


Optical trapping is nowadays widely used in biology enabling a better understanding of complex biological processes and systems. The vestibular system in zebrafish, which processes information on sound, motion, and spatial orientation, is crucial to the survival of the organism. However, its information processing has not been studied much due to the difficulty of coupling acceleration and brain imaging within an animal. In this talk, I will present how I used optical micromanipulation to simulate acceleration and sound, and how we simultaneously image the whole brain activity.

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The Physics Colloquium series hosts a range of speakers from Australia and abroad. The series explores a variety of topics and everyone is welcome to come along. The seminars are open so there is no need to register your attendance.


115, Prentice Building 42

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