Course coordinators should think carefully about hurdles for their course and the grade cut-offs; is it better to describe a course as having partial exemption from supplementary assessment or to limit grades of 3 to only those students who can complete suitable supplementary assessment? This will have an effect on students’ GPAs and so is an important consideration. For example:

• if a student doesn’t attend X number of practicals and is not eligible for supplementary assessment, should their grade be a 3 (and the course be specified as having partial exemption from SA) or a 2;

• should the grade cut-off for a 3 be between 40% to 50% or 45% to 50% or something different; and

• if a student gets 30% on the final examination should it be possible for the student to receive a 3 or should the grade be limited to a 2?

Please come along to share your ideas on supplementary assessment, hurdles and grade boundaries, and feel free to bring along a copy of your ECP to check the wording related to these items.

Dual-badged courses should have at least 20% different assessment. Please come along to the discussion to share ideas of how to differentiate between the undergraduate and postgraduate versions of your course.

This seminar will be more of a discussion group.

Delicious treats will be provided. All welcome!

About Teaching and learning seminars

Our teaching and learning seminars focus on innovations and projects that are underway in teaching mathematics, statistics and physics at UQ and other institutions.

We discuss the hot issues, and hear from people who are trying out new things.

Over the past 10 years many new ideas have been generated, collaborations made both within and across disciplines, and teaching grant proposals designed, submitted and received.

Students, staff and visitors to UQ are welcome to attend, and to suggest speakers and topics.


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