In this talk we present One on Epsilon, a suite of projects that began almost three years ago as an EdTech start-up (One on Epsilon Pty Ltd) and is now potentially migrating into SMP@UQ. One on Epsilon’s main free app is Epsilon Stream. It is designed to serve as a reference point for primary, secondary and exploratory mathematics. The main focus of Epsilon Stream is presenting students, teachers or parents with a curated collection of YouTube videos that are best for a specific topic. One on Epsilon also has other products including the Curious Epsilon blog post series, Square Root Marbles (game app), Editor’s Picks (monthly editors picks of great engaging mathematics YouTube videos), and EPsilo – a data collection project collecting view statistics on over 50,000 YouTube Mathematics videos over time.

The One on Epsilon team includes about 10 people, some of which are also affiliated (staff or students) with SMP. Those related to SMP include Yoni Nazarathy, Phillip Isaac, Inna Lukyanenko, Nicholas Bartlett and Aapeli Vuorinen. See also the explainer video: and/or try the App: .

In this talk we will describe the journey of trying to make an independent EdTech startup. We will then discuss future directions for One on Epsilon as a UQ-based project, also in cooperation with Education Queensland and the Global Math Project.

All welcome! Delicious treats will be provided.

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