The UQ2U program aims to redevelop UQ’s large courses to deliver more flexibility and high value on campus activities. In 2018, MATH1051 (Calculus and Linear Algebra I), our largest first year mathematics course (yearly enrolment of 1500) was selected for the UQ2U program. The project has resulted in the development of online resources delivered through the edge.edx platform, and the subsequent re-design of MATH1051. In this presentation, I describe the UQ2U MATH1051 journey, from the development of resources to implementation in Semester 1, 2019. I will share lessons learned, what worked, what didn’t, and where we go from here!

All welcome! Delicious treats will be provided.

About Teaching and learning seminars

Our teaching and learning seminars focus on innovations and projects that are underway in teaching mathematics, statistics and physics at UQ and other institutions.

We discuss the hot issues, and hear from people who are trying out new things.

Over the past 10 years many new ideas have been generated, collaborations made both within and across disciplines, and teaching grant proposals designed, submitted and received.

Students, staff and visitors to UQ are welcome to attend, and to suggest speakers and topics.


Priestley Building #67