Speaker: Stefan Forstner
Affiliation: University of Queensland


Quantum mechanics is an extremely well established theory for the microscopic. Yet, we never see cars, cats, or humans in a quantum state. The dynamics of macroscopic quantum systems are poorly understood and in fact, it is not known whether quantum mechanics, even in principle, applies to large objects. Cavity optomechanics allows extremely precise monitoring of the motion of relatively massive mechanical objects, down to well below atomic length scales. I will discuss how the optomechanical ‘toolbox’ can provide us with deeper experimental insight into macroscopic quantum systems. In particular, I will describe a scheme for an experiment that has the potential to probe whether quantum mechanics breaks down above a certain mass- or size-scale. If time allows, I will also briefly discuss how cavity optomechanics is helping us to gain deeper understanding of a specific macroscopic quantum system, namely superfluid helium.

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