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Teaching and learning

Professor Davis is an award winning teacher who teaches 1st year physics and 3rd year astrophysics. 

VC Research and Teaching Fellowship

Professor Tamara Davis is a cosmologist interested in investigating new fundamental physics, such as the properties of dark energy and dark matter and the mass of the neutrino. A winner of the 2011 Australian Institute of Physics Women in Physics Lectureship, the 2011 Queensland Tall Poppy Award, the 2009 Australian L'Oreal Women in Science Fellowship and the Astronomical Society of Australia's Early Career Research Award, Professor Davis joined the astrophysics team at UQ to work on the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey, which has mapped ~220,000 galaxies across half of the observable universe. She and the WiggleZ team are using that data to test our theory of gravity and try to figure out the nature of dark energy and dark matter.

Researcher biography

Professor Davis specialises in interpreting astrophysical observations in terms of their implications for fundamental physics. She performed cosmological analyses for two prominent international supernova surveys, before returning to Australia and to UQ in 2008 to work with the WiggleZ dark energy survey, making the largest ever 3D map of the distribution of galaxies in the universe. She now is helping lead OzDES, the Australian Dark Energy Survey, measuring thousands of supernovae and hundreds of supermassive black holes. The aim of all these surveys is to understand our fundamental laws of nature, and she uses the data to try to figure out the nature of dark energy, which is causing the expansion of our universe to accelerate.

Areas of research