Researcher biography

I obtained a Ph.D in physics in 2009 from the Université de Montréal. I also obtained a FQRNT fellowship and spend two years in England. More recently, I obtained in 2013 a Discovery early career award from the ARC and in 2018 a Future Fellowship.

My research lie in the field of mathematical physics. I am interested by integrable exactly solvable systems, their related algebraic structures and special functions.

1.Integrable, superintegrable and exactly solvable models, related differential equations and algebraic structures

2.Lie, quadratic and polynomial Lie algebras, realizations, indecomposable representations

3.Casimir invariants, construction and applications, non-semi simple Lie algebras

4.Algebraic Bethe Ansatz, quantum inverse scattering method and phase transitions

5.Painlevé transcendents, exceptional orthogonal polynomials and relation to quantum mechanics

Areas of research