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Dr Duy-Minh Dang's personal page

Teaching and learning

Dr Dang teaches 3rd and 4th year financial mathematics, postgraduate financial mathematics and is the Director of the Masters of Financial Mathematics. 

Researcher biography

I joined UQ in September 2014 as Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Director of the Master of Financial Mathematics (MFinMath) Program. Through strategic and effective leadership, I've overseen the Program's transformation into one of Australia's largest. My commitment to enhancing teaching methodologies, fostering a vibrant student and alumni community, and emphasising industry relevance and collaboration, has significantly contributed to this growth. Additionally, I've had the privilege of supervising well over 100 MFinMath graduates and several PhD candidates, many of whom are making significant contributions in corporations worldwide. My commitment to academic rigour, industry relevance and collaboration ensures our graduates are well-prepared for their careers.

My research focuses on the development of reliable numerical methods for stochastic control problems in finance. In particular, I have worked on complex mathematical challenges such as Defined Contribution superannuation and valuation adjustments, which stem from governance issues and broader societal needs. My robust collaboration with key sectors including FinTech, Superannuation, Energy, Investment, Banking & Finance, Information Technology, and Commercial, reinforces the practical relevance of my academic endeavors and strengthens the bridge between academia and industry.

My ongoing commitment is focused on fostering an enriching educational environment, promoting impactful research, and strengthening industry-academia collaborations at UQ.

Beyond my professional commitments, I find balance through a range of personal interests. I am a blackbelt in Judo and an enthusiastic CrossFit practitioner.

Furthermore, I have a deep appreciation for music, particularly piano compositions. My daughter, now an advanced pianist, has been a source of both inspiration and amusement for me. Despite enduring her initial stages of piano practice, filled with the typical off-key notes and stumbles that come with learning an instrument, I've been rewarded with the joy of her progress. Her dedication to mastering the piano serves as a continual source of motivation and a reminder of the beauty found in commitment and growth.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto, Canada.