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Professor Diane Donovan's personal page

Teaching and Learning

Professor Donovan teaches 1st year calcular and linear algebra, and 3rd year graph theory. 

Researcher biography

Professor Diane Donovan received her PhD from The University of Queensland in 1987 and has been an integral member of the Discipline of Mathematics and assoicated Schools since that time.

She has two main research streams.

1) The application of polynomial chaos expansions for the modeling of physical problems involving uncertain parameters. We are developing methods to accurately and efficiently explore subsurface geometry. The current work is focussed on problems related to groundwater levels, gas extraction and storage. This work is joint with the Centre for Coal Seam Gas at the University of Queensland.

2) The study of mathematics structures, both discrete and continuous, and their applications to problems in science and engineering. Of particular interest is the development and testing of methods for robust sampling techniques. This interests is supported by a long history of publishing on experimental design, block designs, latin squares and associated algebraic structures.

Areas of research