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My main research interests are in observational cosmology, Large Scale Structure, and galaxy formation and evolution. I am currently working mainly on the most fundamental questions about the universe such as: What is the present-day expansion rate of the universe (the Hubble constant)? Why the universe is dominated by dark energy? What is the implicit distribution of dark matter in the universe? Why Einstein's general theory of relativity breaks down on some cosmological scales?

I am a member of DESI, Taipan, WALLABY, 4HS galaxy surveys.

In 2017 I was named the 2017 winner of the IAU and Gruber Foundation Fellowship after receiving my PhD from the University of Cape Town with THREE A's on my PhD examiners reports. This additional grant of 50,000 USD is awarded annually to an extremely promising, young astrophysicist to promote the science of cosmology.

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