Project Level: Summer

Project Duration: 6 weeks

Hours of Engagement: 30

Project Description: 

Value of information (VoI) analysis is a mathematical tool (based on Bayes Theorem) used to quantify how additional information may improve management decisions. It has been used to inform the management of fisheries, threatened species, and invasive pests and diseases. However, value of information studies often suggest that collecting more data is not expected to improve management decisions. This contradicts the opinions of ecologists who often think that gathering information is critical for management. In this project, we will look at new case studies in this field and explore hypotheses for what factors lead to high and low values of collecting more data for environmental management.

Expected Outcomes:

Students will work towards a manuscript suitable to be submitted to a journal for publication.

Suitable for:

Students must have knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, and basic probability. Students should also have a keen interest in the topic and good writing and communication skills.

Contact for further information:

Dr Matthew Holden:

Project members

Dr Matthew Holden

Senior Lecturer