We're interested in theoretical and experimental aspects of the physics of quantum gases, including atomic Bose-Einstein condensates, Fermi gases and other types of superfluid.

This interdisciplinary field is at the intersection of atomic, molecular and optical physics, condensed matter physics and computational physics.

Our research is driven by the unprecedented level of experimental control of dilute degenerate Bose and Fermi systems, whose interactions are well understood from atomic physics.

As well as developing fundamental knowledge about the emergent features of quantum-many-body physics, these systems can be used as “quantum simulators” and have potential applications as enhanced sensing devices.

Research strengths

  • Nonequilibrium quantum fluids
  • One-dimensional quantum gases
  • Macroscopic correlations, entanglement and fundamental tests
  • Precision measurement and quantum-enhanced metrology
  • Computational physics and theoretical methods for Bose and Fermi systems

For more detailed information about our research strengths and available projects, visit the individual staff pages below.

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