School pupils Kyle Werrett and Matthew Hobson put their heads together.

The Queensland Junior Physics Olympiad (JPhO) is a five-day (non-residential) program for Year 10 students with an interest in science and mathematics.

The program aims to develop your problem-solving skills as well as an appreciation and understanding of physics. By presenting physics in a format that complements Senior Physics, Queensland JPhO will:

  • introduce you to the formal study of physics though lectures and tutorials
  • give you hands-on experience of physics through experiments and workshops
  • provide you with spaces in which to explore ideas in modern physics at forums and tours of research labs.

Dates for JPhO 2018 haven't yet been finalised, but the event is usually held in late June.

What will you learn at JPhO?

Throughout your week at Queensland JPhO, you will:

  • develop your skills in problem solving, critical thinking and communication
  • learn important principles of physics, preparing you for Senior Physics
  • participate in forums with UQ researchers on topics such as quantum physics, special relativity and cosmology
  • tour our state-of-the-art research centres
  • talk with current UQ students about study options and university life
  • meet other people with similar interests to you
  • learn to juggleĀ (and learn about the physics behind it, of course!).

Queensland JPhO is about doing physics - forums, workshops, experiments and interactive discussions with your tutors will make up most of the week.

The schedule also includes two evening forums presented by current UQ physics lecturers and researchers. Family and friends are welcome to attend these.

Who will teach you?

Current UQ lecturers will teach you, and the majority of your tutors will be current UQ physics students. A high student-tutor ratio better than 4:1 will ensure that help will always be on hand - so you'll be able to work at your own pace and ask questions about the topics that interest you most.

Your staff will be primarily undergraduate physics students and former JPhO participants, as well asĀ postgraduate students.

Our tutors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and you'll learn from students with backgrounds in engineering, education, biophysics, mathematics and science communication.

You'll also get the chance to chat with your tutors about their studies and your career options.

Australian Physics Olympiad

If you enjoy Queensland JPhO as much as we think you will, you might want to consider sitting the National Qualifying Exam for the Australian Physics Olympiad (APhO). Read about it on the Australian Science Olympiads website.

Contact us

If you have any further questions about Queensland JPhO, email us.