Innovation and impact

Our academics and researchers develop and apply theory to create tools that have real impact on industry, technology, environmental management and the wider community.

Working collaboratively, they deliver new scientific insight in areas as diverse as:

  • finance
  • engineering
  • the health sciences
  • navigation
  • conservation
  • sustainable energy
  • primary industries
  • the social sciences
  • mining and transport.

They do this, for example, by:

  • applying light- and laser-based tools and techniques to biological systems
  • solving conservation problems with modelling and optimisation methods
  • measuring and managing risk in the financial marketplace
  • applying sophisticated techniques to decrease costs and increase efficiency across a range of industries, including mining and transport
  • increasing our understanding of microscale structures, including advanced designs for polymers, porous ceramics and gas barrier films
  • modelling the growth and treatment of brain tumours, and brain development and plasticity
  • driving the development of atomics and molecular and optical physics, quantum computation and communication
  • providing expert fisheries stock assessment advice through modelling
  • developing new materials and devices suitable for the preparation of solar cells
  • fabricating micro- and nano-particles.

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