Beautiful maths, beautiful physics: AMSI’s 2015 Winter School

26 Jun 2015

On 29 June, Senator Bridget McKenzie will open the 11th annual AMSI Winter School, at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, reminding us of the importance of theoretical mathematical research — that beautiful mathematics often turns out to be useful mathematics.

The AMSI Winter School is a two-week long residential School, giving Australian postgraduate students the chance to expand their skills in the mathematical sciences and build collaborative networks with other students and early career researchers.

The theme of this year’s School is “Algebra, Geometry and Physics”. Participants will undertake mini-courses given by a range of international and national experts, who will give them an idea of current research happening at a number of interfaces of these three sometimes very distinct areas.

The school will also present a Women in Maths evening on 2 July, designed to highlight the contribution of women in mathematics and provide a forum for discussion of career paths.

public lecture, titled "The Glass Bead Game", featuring Professor Arun Ram from the University of Melbourne will be held on 7 July.

More information about this year's AMSI Winter School at The University of Queensland is available here.