SMP Tutors recognised with annual awards

27 Mar 2017

In the School of Mathematics and Physics we are fortunate to have a talented and enthusiastic group of tutors to assist staff in our maths, physics and statistics courses.  It is gratifying to receive feedback from students and academics praising their tutors' efforts, initiative and engagement.  The School thanks all of its tutors, new and experienced, for their hard work during 2016 and for ensuring students receive the best possible learning environment.

For the 2016 SMP Awards, nineteen tutors were recognised with a special certificate and prize at the School's presentation on 24 March 2017:

  • Jasper Barr STAT2003
  • Christiaan Bekker MATH1052, PHYS1171, Matlab tutor
  • Coco Bu MATH1040
  • Zac Byrne PHYS1171 (Semesters 1 & 2), PHYS1160
  • David Cavanagh PHYS1002 (Semesters 1 & 2), PHYS1171
  • Amy Chan STAT2201
  • Josephine Dias MATH1051, MATH1052, Matlab
  • Liam Hodgkinson STAT3004
  • Vivian Looi MATH1052
  • Sam Machen MATH1051
  • Vincent Mellor MATH1051, MATH1052, Matlab coordinator
  • Sarah Norton PHYS1002, PHYS1171
  • Ainsley Pullen MATH3306
  • Chris Raymond PHYS2100, MATH3130
  • Robert Salomone STAT2003
  • Benoit Scholtes PHYS1002
  • Marvin Tas  Various courses, First Year Learning Centre in Engineering
  • Wangyue Xie MATH3404
  • Hui (Alice) Yao STAT2202

For further information about becoming a casual tutor in the School of Mathematics and Physics, visit the casual tutoring site