Australia’s mathematical potential nurtured by collaboration

2 Jul 2018

A partnership between the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) and The University of Queensland is building national mathematics capability and preparing Australians to work in the 21st century information age.

UQ Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Mark Blows is scheduled to open the annual AMSI residential Winter School at UQ today, a flagship training event and one of many important collaborations between the two organisations.

Head of UQ’s School of Mathematics and Physics and AMSI Board member Professor Joseph Grotowski said AMSI was a national collaborative venture led by  a number of Australia’s major universities.

“UQ is one of 12 full AMSI members, and has partnered with AMSI for many years to build a pipeline of graduates and young scientists with skills to solve problems in industry and commerce, and train future generations,” he said.

UQ’s involvement also includes partnering on multiple internships through APR.Intern (formerly AMSI Intern) with industry partners including Bureau of Meteorology, Integrated Logistics Company, Canon Informational Systems Research Australia, Palmer Technologies Pty Ltd, Bilexys Pty Ltd, Anteo Diagnostics and Licensys.

UQ’s Professor Ole Warnaar is an AMSI Scientific Advisory Committee member and Dr Phil Isaac is a Research and Higher Education Committee member.

“Mathematics, which is essential to most aspects of our lives, is a key asset for Australia to continue to excel in innovation,” Professor Grotowski said.

“The Australian Academy of Sciences notes that the mathematical sciences sit squarely at the centre of modern life, and it expects its importance to increase over the next decade.”

“We congratulate AMSI as it celebrates 15 years of dedication to its mission of the radical improvement of mathematical sciences capacity and capability in the Australian community.”

This year’s School from 2 July to 13 July features a range of speakers presenting mini-courses on cutting-edge aspects of geometric analysis and differential geometry.

Event coordinator Andrew Phillips said each year the Winter School explored different themes, giving lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students experience in a range of modern mathematical topics.

One valuable development is a popular Women in Maths networking event, an informal social evening where women mathematicians discuss their journey in mathematics.

This year’s Winter School’s major sponsors are UQ, AMSI and the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

Media: Professor Joseph Grotowski, +61 7 3365 3260