SMP Poster Day and Publication Awards, 19 September 2019

25 Sep 2019

First of all I would like to thank all of our HDR students who took part in the SMP Poster Day this year - everyone was on the ball giving me posters and abstracts making my job significantly easier on the day. I would also like to thank everyone who attended - students, staff and academics. Without you there would not be an event where it’s great for everyone to get together, network and to talk about their research. As the new HDR Advisor to SMP, I have finally been able to put some faces to names as well! Our usual venue, Alumni Court, was not able to be booked this year due to university renovations, however, the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences kindly allowed their open-space Podium to be used for the poster display, presentations, and the following lunch.

A big thank-you also to our judges, for taking time out of their busy schedules to review all 38 posters. An extra special shout out to Associate Professor Tony Roberts for his part introducing the presentations. I would also like to extend my thanks to Professor Mark Blows, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Jenny Seddon, Science Associate Dean (Research) and Professor Steve Chenoweth, Science Deputy Associate Dean for attending the event. I think I speak for everybody from SMP when I say it’s great to have you at these events and allowing us to showcase and present our students’ research to a wider audience.

Jonathan Paul
HDR Liaison Officer - SMP (Science Team)
Graduate School


2019 SMP Best Student Publication Awards

Equal 1st Place for Physics (two awards) – Sam Cree; Andres Rosario Hamann
1st Place for Mathematics – Pieter Marais van Stade
Commendation for Maths – Ali Alyasiry and Jan Motler
Commendation for Physics – Christiaan Becker


2019 SMP Poster Day Awards

1st Time Presenter for Physics - Yasmine Sfendla
1st Time Present for Maths – Yaowen Lu
Repeat Presenter – Raphael Abrahao
       Yasmine Sfendla                         Yaowen Lu                                Raphael Abrahao