Professor Tamara Davis awarded ARC Laureate Fellowship

18 Mar 2019
Professor Tamara Davis

In March 2019, Professor Tamara Davis was awarded a prestigious ARC Laureate Fellowship - Illuminating the Dark Universe.

This project aims to measure and explain the dark side of the universe.  Dark energy and dark matter are amongst the most profound puzzles facing fundamental physics. Prof. Davis' Laureate Fellowship explores the dark side of the universe working with three new surveys. The Dark Energy Survey (DES) has discovered thousands of supernovae and measured positions of hundreds of millions of galaxies. The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) will measure distances to tens of millions of galaxies. Taipan will measure velocities of about one million galaxies.  The aim is to combine all this data together to make precise maps of dark matter, determine whether dark energy changes with time, measure the mass of the neutrino, and provide the anchor by which gravitational wave studies can measure the expansion rate of the universe. 

Professor Davis was one of only 16 recipients nationwide.

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