Scientists create 3D map of universe

5 Apr 2024
Artist's impression of the 3D map of the universe
Scientists have created the largest 3D map of our universe to date. Earth is at the centre of this thin slice of the full map and the magnified section shows the underlying structure of matter in our universe. Each dot is a different galaxy similar in size to our own Milky Way, Image: Claire Lamman/DESI collaboration; custom colormap package by cmastro

An international team of researchers has created the world's largest and most detailed 3D map of the universe – measuring the expansion of the cosmos over the past 11 billion years.

Dr Cullan Howlett from The University of Queensland helped develop pivotal software used for analysing data collected as part of the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) survey, which last year released its first insights into dark energy, the mysterious force behind the universe’s expansion.

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