Project Level: Honours
Monitoring of up to 86 pesticides has been conducted in rivers that discharge to the Great Barrier Reef for over 12 years. The crucial question of whether concentrations of individual pesticides are increasing or decreasing in these rivers has only been answered for one insecticide, imidacloprid and is currently being addressed for diuron. In this desktop project you will use trend analysis to determine if pesticide concentrations are changing over time. You will work with scientists from the Queensland Department of Environment and Science. Your project will generate results that will inform future management actions and policies that aim to improve the quality of water entering the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. It is expected that the results will be publishable. There is a $5 000 scholarship associated with this project.

Relevant Fields

Pollution Science, Water Quality, Data Analysis, Pesticides

Project members

Dr Alan Huang

Senior Lecturer
School of Mathematics and Physics