Supervisor: Professor Anthony Richardson The common perception is that climate change is gradual and that its impact on natural and human systems is similarly incremental. However, there is increasing evidence that climate change is increasing the severity and frequency of extreme climate events, including heatwaves, such as coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef. This project will explore how the frequency and intensity of marine heatwaves will change in the future and the implications for marine life. The student will use state-of-the-art CMIP6 General Circulation Models (GCMs) that have daily estimates of temperature from the present to the year 2300. The student will need to develop statistical and/or differential equation models to describe impacts of heatwaves on marine life, and drive these using GCM output. GCMs are advanced Earth System Models and experience with these models will set up the student for future work in research, Government agencies and the private sector. We are looking for a student with solid mathematical and/or statistical expertise. Contact Professor Anthony J. Richardson for more information.

Project members