Project level: PhD

Computers based on the flow of electrical currents are ubiquitous in modern technology. However, they have limitations: they cannot be forever miniaturised with Moore’s Law already starting to saturate, their energy efficiency is fundamentally constrained by the laws of physics, and they cannot operate when exposed to high radiation levels such those found in some space environments and caused by space weather. An alternative approach to computation that can evade these constrains is to use vibrations confined on a silicon chip, rather than electrons, to perform logic. In our laboratory, we are developing nanoscale logical processors based on mechanical vibrations in collaboration with Lockheed Martin, and for ultimate applications in aerospace and satellite technologies. Projects are available to lead the development of this new form of computing. Experience/interest in micro-/nanofabrication and/or technology translation would be an advantage.

Project members

Professor Warwick Bowen

School of Mathematics and Physics