Project level: PhD

A PhD project is available to apply quantum optics techniques and technologies to develop new tools for biological measurement and imaging. Measurements of micro- and nanoscale biological structures and dynamics are often severely constrained by photodamage introduced to the biological specimen by the intensity of light. This precludes, for example, measurements of the native dynamics of the motor molecules that are the machines of life – unravelling DNA, generating the energy that cells function on, and distributing nutrients around them. One focus of our laboratory is to develop quantum optics techniques and technologies – similar to those used in gravitational wave detection –  to improve microscopy of biological systems. We have, for instance, demonstrated the first quantum-enhanced biological measurements, and the first evanescent biosensors that operate beneath known biodamage thresholds.  PhD projects are available both to further extend this quantum microscopy technology, and to apply it to important biological problems. Experience/interest in laser-based measurements, biophysics, quantum optics, an/or molecular biological would be an advantage.

Project members

Professor Warwick Bowen

School of Mathematics and Physics