Improved estimation of state-wide recreational harvests, including resampling, bootstrap and MCMC techniques. Quantify changes in survey angler avidity and recall bias between survey years and methodologies; adjust previous survey data to obtain improved estimates. Evaluating sampling frames - develop methods to generate state-wide harvest estimates (and associated measures of uncertainty) from several synchronous samples taken from different sampling frames (e.g. a licence frame and a residential telephone number list). Develop hierarchical and conditional mixed models for estimation of recreational fish catch and catch rates. Investigate the statistical modelling of recreational survey data collected from multiple survey methods. From survey to analysis: dealing with differences in the scale at which survey data are collected and the scale at which data are analysed. Examine appropriate estimation methods for different fish species. Develop statistical methods for low fish abundance or recreational species caught by ‘hard-to-reach’ fishers. Develop methods to engage and retain recreational fishers in volunteer data contribution programs.

Project members

Emeritus Professor Jerzy Filar

Emeritus Professor
School of Mathematics and Physics