Project Level: Summer

Project Duration: 6 weeks

Hours of Engagement: 30-36

Project Description: 

The realisation of Bose-Einstein condensates created in the microgravity environment of the international space station has created an avenue to investigate the flow dynamics of superfluids on this topologically no-trivial geometry. Flow on superfluid shells promises interesting responses to rotation due to the additional restriction on the condensate phase imposed by the closedcurved geometry. This project will employ point vortex models to explore fundamental few-body vortex dynamics on bubble condensates and understand how curvature changes flow dynamics.

Expected Outcomes:

During this research project students will develop their computational modelling skills and learn about quantum systems. They will develop an understanding of some new aspects of superfluid flow.

Suitable for:

3rd or 4th year students who have taken an undergraduate course in quantum mechanics.

Contact for further information:

Dr Angela White:

Project members

Dr Angela White

Deborah Jin Fellow
School of Mathematics and Physics