Eleanor Foxcroft

Optimisation Consultant
Biarri Commercial Mathematics


Using the latest mathematical modeling and optimisation techniques, Eleanor Foxcroft provides cutting edge solutions to businesses to increase their efficiency and profitability.

As part of the team at Biarri Commercial Mathematics, she uses her knowledge to help a numerous clients make improved decisions and solve complex business problems.

Since graduating in 2011, one of clients Eleanor has been working with is Schweppes Australia, to optimise existing beverage delivery routes using a software tool developed by Biarri.

“The orders that need to be satisfied change every day. Each day presents a new challenge to come up with routes that are robust, close to the actual optimal solution but which also consider driver preferences,” she said.

“Overall the planning process has been completely overhauled, resulting in the need for fewer vehicles travellinglower kilometers.”

“I love building models that make clients happy and developing good software can be incredibly satisfying.”

Eleanor enjoyed the flexibility of her Bachelor of Science program because it enabled her to try a diverse range of subject areas while also providing a great preparation in operations research.

“The courses offered at UQ provided an excellent introduction to relevant problems and different solution techniques and are very applicable in my role”

Eleanor also credits her current position to the strong links which UQ has with the company.

“My honours supervisor had strong ties with Biarri and suggested I apply for a casual position while I was still studying and from there I was made permanent staff member,” she said.

“Biarri has hired a number of UQ graduates and the success of those employees has ensured that UQ qualifications are highly valued.”

Eleanor has proved that mathematics is a fresh, exciting and innovative discipline that can be applied in a business context, and just not in the classroom or an engineer’s office.

She plans to continue in a technical role, but in five years hopes to be leading major projects and complete a PhD in the field.

“I am really excited to continue learning in my job.  This field is constantly evolving so there are always opportunities to learn, which keeps things very interesting,” she said.

Eleanor Foxcroft


Honours (Mathematics)
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)