Prestigious STEM Ambassador role for UQ mathematician

7 May 2021

Dr Artem PulemotovThe University of Queensland's Associate Professor Artem Pulemotov will build stronger relationships between science, technology and public policy as one of Science & Technology Australia’s STEM Ambassadors in 2021.

Artem, a mathematician, will be the STEM Ambassador to Milton Dick, the Member for Oxley. Artem will meet regularly with the MP to build the association between Parliament and the STEM sector and help politicians gain a deeper understanding of the potential impact of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in Australia.

Artem is one of 17 new STEM Ambassadors around Australia. The STEM Ambassadors are drawn from Science & Technology Australia’s member organisations and come from a diverse range of academic backgrounds and interests.

The prestigious program - which began in 2019 - aims to encourage the involvement of science experts in Australian policymaking and bring their science expertise and networks to assist evidence-based policymaking.

Artem said he was excited to be able to represent the STEM community and hoped to be a strong ambassador for science and technology in public policy.

Science & Technology Australia Chief Executive Officer Misha Schubert congratulated Artem on being selected for the STEM Ambassador program in 2021.

“Science has been Australia’s salvation in tackling COVID-9. Australia needs to continue to build on that strong relationship between the STEM sector and Parliamentarians to prepare Australia to meet future challenges," she said.

“The STEM Ambassador program empowers experts to become effective advocates for science and the sector, and to use their expertise to inform policy to shape Australia’s future.

“We’re delighted to welcome Artem to the STEM Ambassador program and look forward to seeing him develop a strong working relationship with Mr Dick to make sure science and technology are at the forefront of policy decisions.”

Media: Dominic Jarvis,, +61 413 334 924.