SMP Research Student Poster and Publication Awards 2021

4 Nov 2021

The School’s annual Poster Day was held on Tuesday 2nd of November 2021. Due to COVID restrictions, the event was held in the UQ Centre, to allow for appropriate physical distancing. The venue worked extremely well – participants liked the space they had to move around and about 60 staff and students attended the event to view the 19 posters.  In total we had 15 Physics posters and 4 Maths posters.

The School also held its annual Student Publication Award, which received excellent submissions this year, with separate presentations made for Mathematics and Physics. All participating students deserve congratulations for presenting their work in this year’s Poster Day under the challenging circumstances.

Thanks are also to Kirsten Woodward (HDR Liaison Officer for SMP), and SMP staff Christina Pedersen, Lara Atzeni and Vanessa Di Giglio for organising the day.

Poster Day Winners

  • Mathematics – Lucas Sippel, "Learn to Pickup and Deliver", Principal Advisor Dr Michael Forbes, Associate Advisor Dr. Slava Vaisman.
  • Physics – Ellen Leitinger, "Multiple Populations of Globular Clusters: By our powers combined", Principal Advisor Dr. Holger Baumgardt, Associate Advisors Dr. Ivan Cabrera-Zini, Dr. Michael Hilker.
  • Returning Presenter (Maths/Physics) – Carolyn Wood, "What temperature is Schroedinger’s cat? ", Principal Advisor Dr. Magdalena Zych, Associate Advisor Professor Andrew White


  Carolyn Woods, Ellen Leitinger, and Lucas Sippel
 SMP Poster Day Winners.
L to R: Carolyn Wood, Ellen Leitinger, and Lucas Sippel


Student Publication Award Winners

  • Mathematics - Seamus Albion, Eric M Rains, and S. Ole Warnaar. " AFLT-Type Selberg Integrals", Communications in Mathematical Physics"388, 735–791 (2021)
  • Physics - Carolyn Wood and Magdalena Zych, "Composite particles with minimum uncertainty in spacetime", Physical Review Research 3, 013049 (2021)