CARM welcomes Professor Kaye Basford, the interim Director for CARM. Kaye is a Professor of Biometry in the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Queensland (UQ). Previous appointments include President of the Academic Board and Head of the School of Land, Crop and Food Sciences at UQ, President of the International Biometric Society and President of the Statistical Society of Australia Inc .

Kaye was awarded the Australian Medal for Agriculture from the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (in 1998) in recognition of her research and scholarship at the interface between statistics and quantitative genetics and her impact on the design, analysis and interpretation of data from large-scale multi-environment plant breeding experiments. She holds Fellowships with the Institute of Statisticians (now merged with the Royal Statistical Society), Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, Australian Institute of Company Directors, Ag Institute Australia, and Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Extensive international experience working with colleagues in universities and private enterprise in the United States, Europe and Asia culminated in Kaye being appointed a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Rice Research Institute, a publically funded entity within the CGIAR Consortium which advances international agricultural research for a food secure future. She has widespread networks in the statistical and agricultural arenas, and holds directorships with the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, Crawford Fund Limited, and Grains Research Foundation Limited.

CARM welcomes Guofeng Song. Guofeng is doing his PhD at Jilin University, majoring in Probability and Statistics. He has been engaged as an Occupational Trainee at CARM as part of a joint training program and will be here for 1 year.

CARM also welcomes Jiahao Hong. Jiahao is doing his Masters at Jinan University majoring in quantitative economics, studying financial econometrics. He has also been engaged as an Occupational Trainee at CARM as part of a joint training program and will be here for 1 year. 


CARM farewells Dr Insha UllahInsha’s last day will be Friday 14th of November. Insha was employed to work on robust methods for longitudinal data analysis as part of an ARC grant. Insha will be leaving us to continue his work with Professor You-Gan Wang at QUT.  

CARM also farewells Dr Atta ur Rahman who will be leaving us on 24th November to return to the Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar.  Atta has been with CARM for the past 6 months on an Endeavour Fellowship carrying out his Postdoctoral research.

R workshops

There are no R Workshops scheduled for 2015. The next R Workshops will be held in February 2016.

Introduction to R:

21-23 February 2016 (Assoc. Prof. Anthony J. Richardson and Assoc. Prof. Dave Schoeman)

Advanced R:

21-23 February 2016 (Dr. Bill Venables)


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