Casual Academic Tutoring Opportunities

Tutors and casual academic staff make an important contribution to teaching and learning at The University of Queensland. The School of Mathematics and Physics is looking for tutors who are enthusiastic about sharing their discipline knowledge, who can convey concepts to students with clarity, and who are interested in developing and applying teaching strategies to support student learning in a range of different settings. Tutors are expected to foster caring, collaborative, and inclusive classrooms and laboratory environments.

The School of Mathematics and Physics values diversity and inclusion and seeks to ensure that all members of mathematics and physics communities at UQ feel empowered to participate in all opportunities. We particularly encourage people who bring diversity to UQ – whether that be gender identity, LGBTQIA+, cultural and/or linguistic, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples, or people with a disability - to apply for tutoring.

What our tutors say

Tutoring gives me the opportunity to directly help students with challenges in their learning. Seeing the "aha!" moment in a student's face is incredibly satisfying. You also meet so many amazing tutors and students, and talking to them can improve your work and your life! Teaching something will give you deeper insight into it. – Liam, Mathematics/SCIE tutor

[Tutoring is] good experience and fun. - Abbe, Physics tutor

I love teaching things that I am interested in. Seeing a student go from not understanding to understanding is deeply satisfying... You will be surprised how much you learn yourself when teaching others. It is one of the best ways to entrench your own knowledge. – Mitch, Mathematics tutor

Apply! You’re more qualified for the position than you realise. – Physics tutor

How to apply

If you are interested in applying to tutor MATH or STAT courses please apply via Workday. 

Returning tutors – View Job Posting Details - Workday (

New tutors – View Job Posting Details - UQ Careers Website

If you have issues accessing these pages, please contact the relevant tutor coordinator. 

You will need to:

  • Provide a copy of your current CV
  • Complete the questionnaire via the job link 
  • Request hours for the upcoming semester, before the deadline for applications. Be sure to indicate your preferences. 

Deadlines for applications

New applications will be considered for tutoring prior to the start of semester 1. In semester 2, a call for new applications will only be made if positions are available. Typically, there are very few new positions available in semester 2.

Demand for summer tutoring is very high. Preference will be given to experienced maths and statistics tutors who are on campus during the summer semester for research or other purposes. New applications will not normally be accepted for summer semester tutoring.

Returning tutors - Applications for Mathematics, Statistics tutoring in Semester 2, 2024 close on 7th June 2024.

New tutors - Applications for Mathematics, Statistics tutoring in Semester 2, 2024 close on 14th June 2024.

    What happens after you have applied

    • Once your application has been reviewed, the status of your application will be updated.
    • If you are being considered for a position, you will need to attend an interview. These are usually short (5 mins). Details of interview times will be shared when available.
    • Successful candidates will be notified through status updates, so it's important to regularly check on your application in Workday.
    • New tutors will be required to attend training sessions run by the Faculty of Science and the School of Mathematics and Physics in O-Week. Details are usually available a few weeks in advance. Previously, these sessions have been run on Wednesday or Thursday from 10am until 4:30pm.  

    Indicating your preferences

    When applying for tutoring, you will be asked to indicated which courses you are interested in tutoring. Please be as specific as possible. The following courses are offered in both semesters:

    • MATH1040
    • MATH1050
    • MATH1051
    • MATH1052
    • MATH1061
    • MATH2001
    • MATH2010
    • STAT1201
    • FYLC (first year learning centre)


    • If you want, and are qualified, to tutor specialist second or third year subjects you should mention this in your preferences. If the coordinator has indicated that you should apply include this information as well.
    • Statistics tutors can enter "statistics" as a preference, or specify individual courses STAT1201, STAT2201, PHRM1020, HRSS3100, BIOM3200, etc.
    • Except in rare circumstances you will not be appointed as a Maths tutor unless you have taken MATH2001 (or equivalent). Applicants who do not meet this criteria should email the tutor coordinator outlining their qualifications before creating a profile.
    • Additionally, you will not be appointed to tutor statistics courses unless you have taken STAT2004 or another intermediate data analysis course. Applicants who do not meet this criteria should email the tutor coordinator outlining their qualifications before applying.
    • Request hours for the upcoming semester, before the deadline for applications. New tutors should request 3 hours of paid work a week. This is equivalent to 1 standard tutorial or 2 practicals and includes the contact and preparation/marking/meeting time.
    • International students should ensure they have a visa that permits this type of casual employment before applying for tutoring.
    • Experienced tutors can also apply for a super tutoring position. Enter "supertutor" (include the course code as well).
    • If you are able and willing to tutor advanced courses, please indicate these in your preferences as well.


    If you are intersted in applying to tutor Physics courses, please follow the link to the Expression of Interest Form and enter your details. 

    Physics tutorials are typically 3 hours per week. The 3 hours are broken down into 1 hour of direct student contact in the classroom, with two addtional hours. These additonal hours are a combination of preparation and/or marking. Physics labs are generally 5 hours per week and these are broken down into 3 hours of contact and 2 hours of preparation and/or marking. Tutorials typically run from weeks 2-13 and labs often run from week 2-11. There is some variation depending on the exact course.

    If you are interested in applying to tutor SCIE1000/1100, please note that applications for 2025 will be made available late in 2024 with an expected deadline in December; shortlisted applicants will be expected to interview in early January 2025. 

    SCIE practicals are each 2 hours in duration with a total of two hours associated preparation (or meeting) time per week. SCIE practicals are collaborative in nature and SCIE tutors are expected to foster a welcoming learning environment where all students are supported to develop their skills by actively engaging in the practical tasks and by working cooperatively with their peers. Practicals run from Weeks 1 – 13 of semester, with a one-week break during the semester (typically in Week 4) for the philosophy practical which will be taught by specialists with expertise in the philosophy of science.

    If you have any queries about Sem 1, 2025 please contact Sara Davies.

    Mathematics and Statistics Tutor Coordinator

    Dr Samuel Kault









    Physics Tutor Coordinator

    Dr Sarah Sweet

    SCIE1000/1100 Tutor Coordinator

    Dr Sara Davies









    Training for New Tutors

    Training sessions are run by the Faculty of Science at the start of Semester 1 and 2, during O-Week, which all new tutors are required to attend. These sessions introduce some relevant (basic) educational theory and provide general guidelines for conducting tutorials. A shorter induction and training session, held on the same day, is run by the School of Mathematics and Physics, with information specific to these disciplines. New tutors will be paid for attendance.

    Training will be provided as part of your onboarding and include face-to-face training in O-Week. In addition, all staff are required to complete several online mandatory training courses. Tutors will be paid for these training sessions.

    There are three types of face-to-face training

    • Science Tutors@UQ training (3 sessions)
    • SMP Tutor training (1 session)
    • SMP Inclusive Classrooms workshop (1 session)

    Science Tutors@UQ Training 2024 

    The Tutors@UQ training program consists of 3 sessions (total 5 hours: 2 x 2 hours + 1 x 1 hour) that cover different information about tutoring at UQ. All new tutors are expected to complete all 3 sessions of the Science Tutors@UQ training. 
    Returning tutors who have not yet completed this training must also attend the relevant session(s). Tutors who have previously received payment to attend training cannot be paid again. 
    If tutors who need to complete Tutors@UQ training are unable to attend any of the sessions offered in semester 1, 2024, they should plan to attend the relevant session(s) in semester 2.

    Science Tutors@UQ training, Sessions 1 and 2
    Date: TBA
    Times and venues: TBA
    Register: TBA
    Important information: Please bring an electronic device to the training (e.g., laptop, tablet, phone) for electronic sign-in and accessing of training materials during each session. All new tutors and continuing tutors who have not completed, and have not been paid, for this training previously will be paid for the relevant two or four hours of training. Lunch will be provided but the time is unpaid. If you are tutoring for two Faculties, you only need to attend training with one of those Faculties – you may attend both, but you will not be paid for two rounds of training. 
    Science Tutors@UQ training, Session 3
    Date: TBA
    Time: TBA 
    Venue: TBA
    Register: TBA
    Important information: The Zoom link will be provided by email after registration, so ensure that you enter your email address correctly in the registration form. All new tutors and continuing tutors who have not completed, and have not been paid, for this training previously will be paid for the one hour of training. If you are tutoring for two Faculties, you only need to attend training with one of those Faculties – you may attend both, but you will not be paid for two rounds of training. 

    SMP Tutor Training

    This is training will cover specific details about tutoring in the School of Mathematics and Physics.  It is held the same day as the Science Tutors@UQ training.

    Date: TBA
    Time and venue: TBA 

    SMP Tutor Inclusive Classroom Workshop 

    The School of Mathematics and Physics wants our classrooms to be a caring, inclusive and empowering environment for all students.  You, as a tutor, play a very important role in making all students feel welcome in the classroom, and encourage them to engage with their learning.  In order to help you facilitate a positive learning environment, we are encouraging new tutors and those who have not already completed last year's training to attend a two-hour workshop for SMP tutors on inclusive classrooms.

    It will be facilitated by Amy Thompson and Ellie Woods from UQ Respect.  You will be paid for 2 hours for participating in this workshop. You do not need to make a claim in CAHP, a payment will be scheduled for those who attend on the day. 

    Date: TBA
    Time and venue: TBA
    In order to be paid, you must register for the workshop: (TBA)
    Important information
    A workshop with similar content was held in semesters 1 and 2 2023 and semester 1 2024  Even if you attended that workshop, you are most welcome to attend again this year and contribute.  Before the workshop, it would be helpful if you reviewed the content on the SMP Inclusivity webpage.


    What can I expect during my first semester of tutoring and who can I ask for help?

    We want you to feel supported in performing your tutoring duties, including when it comes to maintaining a positive classroom environment or managing challenging behaviours. If you have any inclusivity concerns about your classroom or working environment, you can contact an SMP Inclusivity Champion (UQ login required).

    Throughout the semester, you're encouraged to keep in contact with the course coordinator or super tutor (in the case of large courses). They will be able to offer suggestions and feedback. They will help you understand the role and what is expected of you.

    Assistance with marking your first pieces of assessment is available from the course coordinator/super tutor, or tutor coordinator.

    Your colleagues may also be a useful resource. Talk to other tutors about their experiences throughout the semester.

    Are there any opportunities for professional development?

    Professional development opportunities are available to tutors. If you'd like someone to sit in on one of your tutorials to provide feedback and mentoring, contact the tutor coordinator. Evidence gathered through classroom observations can also be useful in applying for tutoring awards or a HEA Fellowship.

    Workday (UQ's HR system) provides all staff with free access to a large number of LinkedIn Learning online courses. 

    Are there more details for casual academic staff?

    Details and further infomation once you start as a tutor are available on the UQ Casual Academics website. This site includes links to further information such as:

    • Hours of work, timsheets, Casual Academic Pay Timetable  
    • Duties
    • Human Resources
    • Casual Hire and Payment Process

    Are there supplies that can be accessed by casual academic staff while tutoring?

    Tutoring staff can access stationery supplies such as pens, whiteboard markers, notebooks etc. from the following locations within the School:

    • Physics Annexe (06), Level 3, Room 320 - stationery is stored in the back of the room in the metal cupboards. 
    • Building 69, Level 6, Room 621 in the Student Admin Office

    If you require assistance with access to printers you can contact Physics Admin at or Maths Admin at Printers can be accessed in the following locations:

    • Physics Annexe (06), Level 3, Room 320
    • Building 69, Level 7 - printers are next to the Level 7 Tea Room

    Tutors can also borrow short-term IT loaner equipment for the semester from the School Office in Physics Annexe (06), Level 2.  If you want to borrow any of the following equipment please email

    • iPad’s (Gen 7/8/9)
    • Apple Pencils (Gen 1 & 2)
    • Tips for Apple Pencils
    • Microsoft Surface Pens
    • Stylus (for all touch screens)
    • Dell Docks
    • Various chargers/adapters
    • Laser Pointers
    • Webcams
    • Laptops