Metabolomics is a dynamic research field that enables the global understanding of biological systems and processes. Central to metabolomics and systems biology research is the endeavour to derive biological understanding from a multitude of highly complex sets of biochemical data. Thus, advanced methods of data science and mathematical analysis are central to the metabolomics pipeline. Mathematical analysis methods range from signal deconvolution and processing to multivariate statistics and linear/nonlinear extraction techniques. Furthermore, analysis of time-dependent data and metabolic trajectories is one of the frontiers of the field, and advances in biological data curation and –omics sciences have made it possible to simulate the metabolism of a cell or of a whole organism in silico.

In this talk I will

(1) introduce metabolomics and systems biology as interdisciplinary fields;

(2) show several applications of metabolomics to a number of problems in systems/classical biology with a focus on the methods used for analysing data and how they are incorporated to gain powerful biological insights;

(3) outline future directions to create a systems biology approach to solving fundamental problems in biology.

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