Summer Industry Experience Program

The SMP Summer Industry Experience program offers Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics students the chance to engage in a summer internship with one of our industry partners.

Student interns gain valuable industry insight and experience in an authentic work environment. In turn, host organisations tap into our pool of talented students and collaborate with them as they contribute to real-life projects during the internship.

The annual program runs for six to eight weeks between late November and mid-February.


Expressions of interest

Students can submit an expression of interest by 31 August 2022 via the University’s placement management system, InPlace.

  • You can access InPlace via your My.UQ dashboard, or through the My.UQ Manage My Program page.
  • Check 'Staff and Students' on the homepage and log in using your student login details (same as My.UQ logins).
  • Navigate to My Details and answer all questions in the sections 'SCIENCE - WIL Placements - Expression of interest' and ‘SMP Summer Industry Experience’.
  • The School will then assess your eligibility to participate in the program.


The program is open to undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students in Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics. To be eligible to participate in the summer program you must continue your studies in Semester 1 of the following year.


Projects will be advertised to eligible students on InPlace from 1 September 2022. Applications, including a resume, studies report from SI-net, and a cover letter specific to the advertised project, are submitted through InPlace. Applications will close on 19 September 2022.

Interviews with industry partners will take place during late September and early October.  Successful students will commence their internships in late November or early December 2022, on a date negotiated with the host organisation, and finish in January or February 2023.  Interns will receive a stipend of $360 per week, paid at the end of each 4-week block.


All participants in the SMP Summer Industry Experience program will present at a showcase event in March 2023. Student interns will present on their internship experience including the industry projects they completed and how the program has contributed to their professional and personal development.


Students who wish to gain course credit for the internship may apply to enrol in SCIE3050 Science Industry Placement over the summer semester. Email us for enquiries about your eligibility, the application process, or enrolment for credit. 


Interested in hosting an intern?

Submit a project for inclusion in the 2022-23 program by 31 August 2022.  For more details and key dates, read our 2022-2023 program flyer.

If you have questions about the program, email us. You can also contact Dr Meagan Carney (Mathematics), A/Prof Arkady Fedorov (Physics), or Dr Christopher Baker (Physics) to discuss your project.

Our partners

Read more about our industry partners.

What our interns say

"My 6-week summer internship with Vivienne Court Trading was a transformative experience that opened both doors and my eyes to an entirely new career path.

"My advice would be to not limit the breadth of your initial applications only to fields you’re already familiar with, as I have found that passion is derived from new experiences just as much as it drives them." - Michael Postan, intern at Vivienne Court Trading.

“I had an amazing supervisor who helped keep my project on track and gave me lots of advice about working as a data scientist in industry” -  Peter Baldry, intern at Grabba.

"The working environment I went into was so welcoming, and the tasks were stimulating. I was encouraged to use new technology and received plenty of support from other staff. " - Olivia Ou, intern at Wildfire Sport & Trek.

"It was fantastic to find effective solutions to difficult problems which was very satisfying when those solutions have real-world implications. Seeing the potential of my degree has been a fantastic motivator" - Matthew Richards, intern at Veitch Lister Consulting.

"This internship allowed me to use my Maths degree to solve challenging problems with real-world applications, and I am very excited to continue to do this in my career" - Rosie Harris. View more from Rosie about her internship at SilverRail Technologies. 

"It is safe to say that being involved in a summer internship was probably the best decision that I have ever made, and it led to probably the most interesting Summer I have ever had" - Jonathan Geddes. View more from Jonathan about his experience at RMPGlobal. 

"You will come out of the experience brighter, more knowledgeable and equipped with skills that no tutorial nor lecture would be able to provide. Take the opportunity and apply; you never know what you can learn and what impact you will have" Thasmika Gokal. View more from Thasmika about interning with The McKinnon Group. 

"Immediately at commencement of my internship with CSIRO, I was made to feel part of the team. Their collaborative culture made it easy to resource ideas and correct myself when astray, helping me learn and contribute the best I could" - Sam MacDonald. View more from Sam on about his internship experience at CSIRO.