Modern computation, advances in scientific technology and the increasing production of data have all increased the scope for applications of mathematics well beyond the traditional areas of engineering and the physical sciences, to include fields such as finance, economics, information technology and molecular biology. 

Many mathematics graduates study advanced degrees and go on to research positions at universities, the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and private companies.

Statistics, operations research and financial mathematics are the areas of mathematics most often used in industry, and there has been a particular upsurge in the number of mathematicians employed in banking, finance, insurance and risk management.

Graduates with a strong degree in any area of mathematics are respected for their excellent quantitative and problem-solving abilities and win a wide range of rewarding positions in the public and private sectors.

Visit the careers page of the Australian Mathematics Society for an up-to-date list of Australia-wide job advertisements.

Why choose Mathematics at UQ?

Our extensive range of advanced mathematics courses will provide you with a deep understanding of the foundations and applications of mathematics and prepare you for research within and beyond your chosen degree program.

Mathematics is essential in an expanding number of disciplines and professions. You may choose to join those mathematicians who continue to develop new mathematics for its own sake, or you may prefer to combine your knowledge of mathematics and statistics with modelling and computational skills and use the latest computer technology to solve problems in the physical and biological sciences, engineering, information technology, economics and business.