SMP tutors recognised

2 Dec 2015
Recipients of the 2015 SMP Tutor Prizes

Our school relies heavily on tutors and we are lucky to have such a talented and helpful group of tutors to assist with the teaching in the School of Mathematics and Physics. We often receive feedback from students praising their tutors’ efforts and enthusiasm.  The School thanks all of its tutors for their hard work. 

For the annual Awards, the Chair of SMP’s Teaching and Learning Committee, Dr Barbara Maenhaut, received 34 nominations.  A total of 15 prizes were awarded to:

Physics tutors
  • Henry Nourse  PHYS1001, PHYS1002, PHYS3040, PHYS3051, PHYS3020labs
  • Michael MacDonald PHYS1001, PHYS1171 labs
  • Sarah Norton PHYS1002
  • Sarah Thomson PHYS1001, PHYS1171 labs
  • Behnam Tonekaboni PHYS2055, PHYS2041, PHYS2020, PHYS2055
  • Sam Nolan PHYS2041
Statistics tutors
  • Liam Hodgkinson STAT3004
  • Darcy Bermingham STAT2201 and ENVM2000
  • Amy Chan (many, many courses in mathematics and statistics)
Mathematics tutors
  • Iulia Popa-Mateiu MATH1051 Matlab
  • Sam Kault Super-tutor for MATH1051 and MATH1052
  • Amie Khosla MATH1051/MATH1052, MATH2000/1
  • Marielle Ong MATH1051/MATH1052
  • Vincent Mellor MATH1051/1052 Matlab coordinator
  • Scott Heiner MATH1061, MATH2302


Please get in touch for further information about becoming a casual tutor in 2016 for the School of Mathematics and Physics.