Astrophysics is booming at UQ

3 Jun 2020

It is an exciting time for the Astrophysics group in the School of Mathematics and Physics. In the past year we have welcomed four new academic staff, as well as a new professional staff member.  

We’re elated to welcome a new continuing staff member, Dr Pat Scott, who is an expert in astroparticle physics. He joined the group in late 2019 as Senior Lecturer and has already been awarded a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship. We have also strengthened our galaxy evolution research with the addition of Dr Sarah Sweet as a new lecturer. Meanwhile, Prof. Tamara Davis’ ARC Laureate Fellowship has begun with the arrival of Dr Cullan Howlett, an expert in large scale structure cosmology and most recently we welcome Dr Khaled Said, whose research interests are large scale structure and galaxy flows.

We also congratulate Samuel Hinton, who has submitted his PhD and is staying for a short term postdoc before moving to a new position at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Finally, we welcome Hayley Valiantis, our new administration assistant who is helping get all of the new action off the ground.  

This astrophysics expansion has given us the capacity to introduce a new fourth-year astrophysics course, “Frontiers in Astrophysics”.  

On top of our expanding staff base, we also have a large array of talented PhD students pursuing their chosen research topics under the guidance of the Astrophysics team.  

Our Astrophysics team can be found in our newly appointed area in Physics Annexe building 6, level 4.