Precision Sensing Initiative

The University of Queensland Precision Sensing Initiative (PSI) seeks to enhance real-world outcomes of next-generation sensing research at UQ.

The three-year $1.17 million initiative is a joint venture between the School of Mathematics and Physics, and the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. It's directed by Professor Warwick Bowen and is affiliated with Precision Sensing Australia.

The PSI comprises UQ- and industry-based experts spanning the fields of quantum technology, photonics and electronics, healthcare and medical diagnostics, the resources sector, and the aerospace and defence industries.

Essential role

Sensors play an essential role in modern technologies, providing capabilities in areas ranging from navigation to timing, and chemical and biological diagnostics.

Quantum effects are integral to enhancing the performance and capabilities of precision sensors, with research developments currently geared towards improving sensitivity and speed, lowering energy consumption and miniaturising devices.

The PSI focuses on the physical technologies associated with quantum and photonic sensors, and the engineering architectures required for successful field deployment.

Central to the initiative is the establishment of the Optoelectronic Integration Facility (OIF), which enables our researchers to take laboratory proof-of-principle nanotechnologies and integrate them into industry-ready prototypes.