Students who are curious and inquiring, have an enthusiasm for the discipline area or project topic, and who are keen to exercise their creativity and communication skills in exploring and communicating research outcomes are encouraged to consider applying for a summer/winter research project. 

Not sure if a summer/winter research scholarship opportunity is right for you? If you have any questions at all, we encourage you to contact the School of Mathematics and Physics or the supervisor of the project you are interested in for more information. The School of Mathematics and Physics values diversity and inclusion and seeks to ensure that all members of mathematics and physics student communities at UQ feel empowered to participate in all opportunities. We particularly encourage students who bring diversity to UQ – whether that be gender identity, LGBTQIA+, cultural and/or linguistic, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples, and/or people with a disability, to apply for the summer/winter research program. 

Summer Research Projects Program 2024

The Summer Research Program is offered for six weeks over the Summer inter-recess period (January to February). Students will participate in a 6 week research project, working with a research mentor, and will be expected to actively participate in the program for between 20 and 36 hours per week.

Applications for the Summer research program will open on 18 September and close on 22 October 2023. 

For application details, eligibilty requirements and further information on the program, go to the Faculty of Science UQ Summer Research Program 

If you've been awarded a Summer Scholarship, you're eligible to enrol in our SCIE3250 course. Find out more about our SCIE project courses.

Available Projects

What our research scholars say 

A research project is a great way to experience what actual research in maths/physics/stats is like. It's something coursework will never teach you and it inspired me to do maths research so much more than any course did. – Liam, Mathematics scholar 

Working with my supervisor was excellent, and I learned a lot. We're just now starting to write a paper on the research we did, and it'll be great to have a first-author paper under my belt before even graduating undergrad. – Physics scholar 
Although I am studying a Master of Science in Physics, I have always been interested in lots of other fields. I saw the opportunity to learn more about the field of forecasting, and the statistics that underpin it, and I applied. It was a wonderful experience to extend my knowledge beyond what I could learn through my degree's courses…Even if you don't feel qualified for a certain project, if the content interests you, then you should apply. Technical skills can be learned on the job, but a passion for what you are studying is a must. –
Lucas, Statistics scholar 

I was uncertain whether research was the right path for me, so the winter research program was a good way to test out the waters… I was able to find out that experimental research suits me, as it is great to be able to creatively solve problems and see the contributions I made be implemented. – Isaac, Physics scholar 
It was exciting to see how all of the mathematics I have learnt throughout the years can be used... – Katelyn, Physics scholar