The program presents students with the opportunity to work with a researcher in a formal research environment to get first hand experience of the kinds of research being undertaken in SMP and in the process of research. Available projects for the 2023 program are listed below, as are details about eligibility and the application process.

Allocation of the scholarships is decided by the faculty, school, research centre or institute where the research is undertaken.

UQ Summer and Winter Research Program

Winter research projects program 2023

Available Projects

Bringing next generation sensors into the real world 

Statistical tool for wrist pulse diagnosis 

Graph Neural Network for Hierarchical Time Series Forecasting

Analysing the effect of an interdisciplinary science course on student perceptions of mathematics, science, and computer programming: a longitudinal study

Chasing Gravitational Waves

Trapping quantum impurities with atomic dark solitary waves

Light shaping for fluorescence imaging

Looking for Dark Energy where it cannot hide

Deep Learning for Density Estimation

Imaging and Manipulating Molecular Nanostructures via Scanning Probe Microscopy

Combinatorics and geometry of hyperplane arrangements

Harmonic manifolds

Modelling and simulation of spatial dynamics in Australian petrol retail pricing

Vortex dynamics in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates

Fishery Management with POMDPs

Algorithms for Computing Nash Equilibria

Reinforcement learning for playing games

Program Dates & Requirements

The program will be offered for a period of four (4) weeks between the Monday 26 June – Friday 21 July 2023. During this time, students will team up with a research mentor at a UQ campus or research site to gain valuable research experience. Their expected hours of engagement over this time should be between 20 – 36 hours per week.

To fulfill our obligations to students under the Queensland Education (Work Experience) Act 1996, supervisors will need to comply with the University’s Unpaid Work Experience Arrangements. An unpaid work experience registration form will need to be executed* by both the supervisor and the student prior to commencing the research experience.

*Students will be responsible for liaising with the supervisor to get the form signed prior to accepting their offer in StudentHub.

Student Eligibility

Applications are open to students who.

a. Are enrolled in an undergraduate, honours and postgraduate coursework program at UQ at the time of application; and

b. Maintain ongoing enrolment in a program at UQ for the entirety of the Winter Research Program*; and

c. Are studying for a degree relevant to the research discipline; and

d. Have a high level of academic achievement during their undergraduate degree.

*If a student is graduating in July and can demonstrate they are due to return to further study at UQ in Semester 2, 2023 then their application can be considered.

Application Process

The application period will be open from Monday 20 March – Sunday 16 April 2023.

Student Enrichment and Employability Development (SEED) will again coordinate a university-wide online application system in StudentHub, in collaboration with the Unit Coordinators who will provide a comprehensive list of the projects to include.

Co-funding grants

All participating students will receive a grant of $2000 to support their engagement in this educational research experience.


2022 Global Change Youth Research Program - applications have closed

The Global Change Youth Research Program is usually 4 weeks during the winter vacation and then 1 day a week during semester 2, and is available to all scholars under 25 years of age.

2023/2024 Summer research projects

The Summer Research Program is usually offered for six to ten weeks (6-10) over the Summer vacation period (November to February). Students will participate in a 6-10 week research project, working with a research mentor, and will be expected to actively participate in the program for between 20 and 36 hours per week.

Applications for the Summer research program will commence in August 2023: Details to be announced closer to August. 

Key dates for this program will be listed below: 


 For information on how to apply please visit the UQ employability website.

SCIE project course eligibility

If you've been awarded a Summer Scholarship, you're eligible to enrol in our SCIE3250 course.

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