Curtis Brown - Honours (Supervised by Holger Baumgardt)

Ashlee Caddell -Honours (Supervised by Pat Scott)

Iñigo Saez Casares - MSc (Supervised by Pat Scott)

Matt Craigie - Honours (Supervised by Tamara Davis, Cullan Howlett and Samuel Hinton)

James Freeburn - Honours (Supervised by Sarah Sweet)

Yan Lai - Honours (Supervised by Cullan Howlett, Tamara Davis and Khaled Said)

Anna Liang - Honours (Supervised by Pat Scott)

Liana Rauf - Honours (Supervised by Cullan Howlett)

Abbe Whitford - Honours (Supervised by Tamara Davis and Cullan Howlett)

Rianna Bell - Honours (Supervised by Khaled Said and Tamara Davis)